Michigan police mistake Thor press kit for terrorist threat

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Dec 14, 2012

The Thor movie is something most people would describe as kind of a big deal. As such, its marketing team thought it would be fun to create some really elaborate promo material, including a briefcase with a lot of very official and somewhat dangerous-looking material inside.

While it's pretty rad by the standards of the average comic-book fan, it's not the sort of thing the average passerby wants to see lying in a refuse bin at their local bus terminal.

Unfortunately, according to WXYZ News, that's exactly what happened in Ann Arbor, Mich., this past Friday. The local bus station was evacuated for more than an hour, and the surrounding area was blocked off.

It's kind of hard not to think of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle from four years ago. Still, with the recent death of Bin Laden and the fears of retaliation, we'd be hard pressed to blame anyone for proceeding with caution. If you have any doubt that the thing was scary at a glance, have a look for yourself.

Granted, the word "Thor" is pretty easy to spot, but as for the rest? It's got a bit of an "Oh, God. Oh, God. We're all gonna die" vibe to it, right?

How did it get there, though? For now, we're blaming Loki.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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