Microsoft created a 'holoportation' system straight out of the future

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Mar 28, 2016

Sure, we have stuff like Skype, Facetime and Oculus Rift — but we’re still patiently waiting for it all to come together for true holographic communication. Well, this is probably the closest we’ve ever come.

Microsoft has demoed some new technology it calls holoportation, described as a type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed and transmitted anywhere in the world in real time. From there, the system combines that data with a VR display HoloLens, allowing users to see and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they’re actually there. The goal is to make communication and interaction as natural as face-to-face communication.

The tech demo seems to pretty much pull it off. Seriously, it’s amazing. Of course, it’s worth noting this setup is done in an extremely controlled environment with insanely expensive and cutting-edge tech. We’re still years away from being able to make these available to the masses, but it’s a fascinating peek at where we’re heading.

Check out the system in action below and let us know what you think:


(Via Engadget)

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