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Midnight, Texas invaded by hipsters, demon cancer in season premiere

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Oct 7, 2018, 3:51 PM EDT

Midnight, Texas kicked off its afternoon appearance at NYCC's final day with a screening of its second season’s premiere, following the episode up with a cast Q&A. 

The NBC show has always been crazy, but stuck mainly to its literary source material. Through with that, Midnight, Texas is now the Wild West...of the already supernaturally, vampire-and-witch-filled West. A few new executive producers, a few storylines skewing from the source material, and you have a show that’s gotten a new breath of life now that it’s been unshackled from some previous creative restrictions.

The episode itself introduced Kai (Nestor Carbonell), Patience (Jaime Ray Newman), and Walker (Josh Kelly). The first two are the new owners of the hotel, while the latter is an openly gay demon hunter with a close bond with Joe (Jason Lewis). That spells complications for Joe and his half-demon husband Chuy.

While François Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Jason Lewis, Peter Mensah, Arielle Kebbel were in attendance to support their spooky show - along with author Charlaine Harris who introduced the episode - the real treat was the bonkers premiere. We met all of the aforementioned newcomers: Kai showcased quite a bit of scary talent as his new hotel attracts plenty of hipsters, Patience had some sort of chemistry with Manfred, and Walker helped Joe fight off some demons with a homemade heart-ripper-outter. That said, these three pushed out Creek, who left Manfred after the episode's drama...leaving the door wide open for Patience to mack on the protagonist.

After the episode, which featured demonic cancer and some magical sex, a quick teaser played for the rest of the season - which teased a Joe-Walker kiss and the reveal that Kai serves something quite troubling as he flexes his powers, one of which is the ability to make supernaturals into humans.

Let's just say that when the panel revealed that the upcoming season would feature a new pet...well, it was underwhelming compared to the episode itself. However, we did learn that the last three episodes of the season will be mythology-driven, partially centered around the mysterious disembodied head that Kai tells that he will avenge. Episode eight of the new season was warned as the harbinger of death and doom, with intensity so high that it was hard for cast members to discuss the script.

Midnight, Texas returns on Oct. 26.