Mignola promises more 'horror' less 'fantasy' in R-rated Hellboy reboot

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s taken a long time, but Hellboy is finally coming back to the big screen — just don’t expect it to look too much like Guillermo del Toro’s version. This one is going to be R-rated and a whole lot scarier.

Creator Mike Mignola, who is serving as co-executive producer (though not really involved in the day-to-day production this time arond), chatted with The Verge about how the project is coming together under new director Neil Marshall. Mignola said it will be a “loose adaptation” of his long-running Hellboy comic universe, borrowing pieces from different stories and arcs. He went on to reveal that this version will be more rooted in the horror of the character, as opposed to the more fantastic elements that were del Toro’s strong suits.

Here’s an excerpt from his comments:

“It’ll lean in the horror direction, more so than the fantasy direction del Toro was doing. When Neil came on, we decided to go for an R rating, so he doesn’t have his hands tied, and so he can go as dark and as tough as he wants to go. I was a fan of his, and when he came onboard, I thought it was terrific: now it’s really going to be an action-horror film.

It’s not that we want to wallow in blood, but when you do a PG-13 rating, you bang your head into rules about how intense certain things can be. I think it helps that Deadpool and Logan were R-rated, and what I’ve been telling people is that the tone of it will be much more the Logan approach: lean, dark, tough, and not something that stops to show limbs flying through the air.”

The Hellboy reboot, tentatively subtitled Rise of the Blood Queen, stars David Harbour (Stranger Things) in the title role and Ian McShane as Trevor Broom. The new-look Hellboy is tentatively set to open at some point in 2018.

Do you like the direction they’re taking this one? Want a more horrific Hellboy?

(Via The Verge)