Luke Cage Red Carpet: Mike Colter And Cast Spill Season 2 | SYFY WIRE

Mike Colter and the Luke Cage cast spill on Season 2 at the world premiere

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Jun 26, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

Luke Cage is back for a second season on Netflix, and Marvel's original Hero for Hire has his hands full with enemies new and old this year. The beauty of this show is that it's not just about Mike Colter's title character, but also his diverse and interesting supporting cast of friends and villains. Ahead of the world premiere of Luke Cage Season 2 in New York City, SYFY WIRE was able to catch up with Colter and other cast members as they shared a few tidbits about the new season.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely," teased Colter. "And ultimately, everyone needs checks and balances. I think Luke is learning on the job about leadership, but the good thing is there's a humility about him that allows him to listen and learn. At least that's where he starts out. You will see how it ends."

Colter went on to drop a few hints about the new mother and daughter dynamic between Alfre Woodard's Mariah Dillard and Tilda Johnson, as played by Gabrielle Dennis. We also spoke with Dennis about Tilda's dark relationship with Mariah as she teased the conflict between them. Everyone's a hero in their own minds, even when they're on a self-destructive path.

Theo Rossi shared his insight about Shade's ultimate agenda and his own complicated relationship with Mariah before expressing a great deal of pride for what the show has become. Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker also had a tip for anyone who wants to binge Season 2: stop after the second episode, or else episode 3 will keep you going all night.

For more Luke Cage intel, watch the full video below!