Mike Colter promises some Heroes For Hire action in Luke Cage Season 2

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Oct 17, 2017, 11:51 AM EDT

We have a small-screen Luke Cage, and a small-screen Danny Rand, so how long is it going to take for fans to see some Heroes for Hire action on Netflix? According to Cage himself, not too long.

Mike Colter, who plays Cage, told BlackFilm the upcoming season of his solo series would feature “a little Heroes for Hire” to try out the concept for fans. It was a slow boil to get Danny and Luke on the same page in the miniseries event The Defenders, but the show ended with them (mostly) pals, and that bromance will definitely keep rolling when the series returns. Colter said it won’t frame the entire season, but it will be a key component. Who knows? If it actually works, could we get a straight-up Heroes for Hire miniseries down the line?

Colter said there are people who love the idea of Heroes for Hire and thought "the relationship was good between Finn [Jones] and I, and they are curious. They want to see more of that." Colter said Jones' Danny will bring some "fresh blood" this season as they are "teamed up for a bit" to bring "that flavor" to the season: "A lot of times people wanted to see Jessica Jones and Luke and what happens to them, but we went out on a limb and decided to ‘Let’s give a little Heroes for Hire somewhere in the season and see what happens.’ Hopefully people will respond to it.”

Colter was also asked whether he’ll be appearing in any other Marvel shows, but said he couldn’t comment on it (that’s almost certainly a yes, considering the Defenders all know each other now), and also couldn’t say when the next season will drop. It depends on when Netflix wants the series to hit in regard to its larger scheduling, but Colter said the first half of 2018 looks pretty likely.

Would you like to see more Heroes for Hire? Should they take the MCU versions of these characters that direction?

(Via BlackFilm)