Mike Colter talks how Luke Cage will discover the extent of his powers on Jessica Jones

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Oct 14, 2015

Luke Cage actor Mike Colter had a few more interesting tidbits to say about his Hero for Hire character in Marvel and Netflix’s upcoming Jessica Jones series.

Over the four-day New York Comic Con weekend, Colter was able to reveal when and where his own series (that'd be Luke Cage) would take place -- without getting Marvel's dreaded red sniper dots on his forehead.

And in a lengthy interview with Collider, the actor talked about the fact that his character will already have superpowers when we meet him in Jessica Jones, that they will be quite new to him, and that he won’t know the extent of his abilities yet. Oh, and that his character will be tied up in a rather uncomfortable position.

Speaking about the fact that most journalists had already seen the first two episodes of the wayyyy more adult-oriented Marvel series, here's what Mike Colter said when he was asked what his favorite moment was:

“You guys have seen the first two [episodes]. I think there are more than one moment for me, but since you’ve seen the first two, I think for me it’s like, we talk about realism and what we can do and less is more and stuff like that and being grounded. For me it was the table saw moment for Cage at the end of [episode] two, this moment where you’re like, you show your power but in a subtle way in a sense but it’s so effective and then it’s just a moment, it’s like this thing where you’re like –Because what’s great about what they’re doing is like we’re discovering, especially for Cage, he’s discovering this power as you see him, he doesn’t know what he can do. And so he has the power, he doesn’t know what he can do, so he knows some things, he doesn’t know everything. So you’ll find that out as it goes, that’s what’s cool, that moment of like, “I know I can do this and this is what I’m gonna show you right now that’ll let you know…” you know. But it’s a movie moment, it’s one of those things where you’re like, “I’m unbreakable.” This is that moment and then what does that mean? All that stuff. So that was that moment where we shot that, I remember we were rushing to get it shot but it turned out a cool moment.”

Now that sounds like a real dramatic kicker of a scene for Luke Cage to discover the extent of his superhuman strength, his unbreakable skin and his accelerated healing factor.

Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix Nov. 20.

(via Collider)

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