Miles Morales and Peter Parker pal it up in new Spider-Man PS4 trailer

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Sony and Insomniac Games showed off two minutes’ worth of new footage for next year’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game today at Paris Games Week — and if you’ve been jonesing to see Peter Parker and Miles Morales spend even more quality time together, it looks like you’re in luck.

Sure, Spidey does all the heavy lifting in the trailer’s (stellar-looking) action scenes. But we’re treated to an enticing moment in which Peter brings Miles over to Aunt May’s place for an intrigue-laden introduction.

“This is Miles,” a teenage Parker tells his aunt. “He’s gonna be helping out around here.”

The trailer leaves us fantasizing about just what form Miles’ in-game help might take, but a young Peter Parker and Miles Morales tandem is laden with all sorts of potential. Add to that a tantalizing invitation to regard Mayor Norman Osborn’s role as potentially even bigger and more villainous, and you’re looking at one giant, sticky web of possibilities.

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However the storyline may pan out, the subtext is that Spider-Man is breaking its own ground. It’s a safe bet that, wherever the game leaves off, it’ll pave the way for future story developments — whether those come in the form of comics, television or film, or a sequel to the game itself.

Welcome to the world where video games assert a bigger role in creating new lore. So far, the view's pretty killer!