With Miles Morales the new Spider-Man, here's what's up with Peter Parker

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Jul 1, 2015, 12:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Sure, Miles Morales might be taking the title role as the new Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, but that doesn’t mean Peter Parker is out of business. In fact, it sounds like he’ll be pretty busy once the dust settles from Secret Wars.

With Miles filling the angsty teenage role, Peter will embrace adulthood as a “globe-spanning entrepreneur and inventor,” according to MTV. Think a cleaner version of Tony Stark who is both saving the world and running the uber-successful tech company Parker Industries. This version of Peter Parker will star in Marvel’s new Amazing Spider-Man run, written by Dan Slott with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. He also has a new (high-tech) costume, designed by comic legend Alex Ross. 

The new angle will take Spider-Man across the world, so look for more globe-trotting adventures from New York’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. To go along with the international flair, we’ll also see the return of Spidey’s old-school Spider-Mobile.

Here’s what Slott told MTV about the new run:

“He’s operating with Parker industries in not just New York, but also Shanghai and San Francisco and London. He’s going to be a far more global Spider-Man, and with that is going to come all new global threats. Things that will really test Spider-Man like never before…

[W]hen you’re reading Peter Parker ’Amazing Spider-Man,’ you’re going to get the Spider-Man you’ve been reading about since 1962 going to all new levels. Can he do the street stuff? Sure, but he can do that times ten. It’s everything you know, everything you care about, amped up to a level you’ve never seen before. It’s not just this guy is Spider-Man, or that guy is a Spider-Man. Peter Parker isn’t just the greatest [Spider-Man]… We’re out to make him the world’s greatest superhero.”

The new Amazing Spider-Man run is set to debut in October, and will pick up several months after the events of Secret Wars.

(Via MTV)

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