Milla Jovovich reveals 1st look at Resident Evil 5's Ada Wong

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Dec 15, 2012

Milla Jovovich just used Twitter to give us another Resident Evil sneak peek, tweeting a behind-the-scenes photo of co-star Li Bingbing as newcomer Ada Wong.

Legally, Jovovich isn't allowed to show Bingbing in full costume, but she can give us an early look at her hair and makeup. The actress wrote, "Ok, so this is SO SNEAKY!! I can't show a pic of Bingbing in costume, but here's a pic w the Ada haircut! Shhhh! Don't tell any1!!"

Jovovich also provided a photo of Ada Wong from the videogame that the wardrobe and hair departments are using for inspiration. "Here is the drawing from the game of the RED DRESS!" Jovovich tweeted. "Lol! And that's all I'm gonna give you or I'm in deep sh*t!!!"

Does this mean that Ada's famous red dress will appear in the film? It's not exactly the most functional zombie-killing attire. She makes it work in the videogame, but can she make it work in real life? Either way—from the neck up, Li Bingbing is the spitting image of the character. Her hair and makeup alone embody Ada, so anything else would be icing on the cake!

What do you think of Li Bingbing as Ada Wong? Do you think the red dress should appear in the film?

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