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Miller gets close to the truth and the Rocinante crew comes together in a character-driven episode of The Expanse.

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Jan 13, 2016, 11:37 AM EST

Every week, Blastr editors Adam Swiderski and Cher Martinetti discuss the happenings in the latest episode of  Syfy's (corporate parent of Blastr - Ed.) The Expanse. See our chat below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Episode 6, "Retrofit."

Cher: Episode 6. Things start of pretty tense for everyone. I'm a little surprised at how well Amos continues to play with Holden. I'm also hoping we get some more backstory as to why the tensions existed in the first place. 

As much as I hate to say it, Avasarala's brief storyline seemed a bit unnecessary once again. I get it if the point was to let us know there's a spy at Tycho Station, but I'm starting to feel like bringing this character into the picture so early was a bit pointless and they're reaching to find a use for her. What do you think? 
Adam: I mean, it's a nice character moment for Avasarala in terms of establishing just how ruthless she can be ... but, yeah, it didn't really serve anything in terms of the story. I feel like it's hard for me to even judge the character at this point -- I'm looking forward to forming a fuller opinion when she's actually given something to do.

That said, I thought everything else in this episode functioned pretty well. I'm a big fan of the work Jared Harris is doing as Anderson Dawes, and his interrogation scene with Miller was a good showcase both for both him and Thomas Jane. We learn more about Julie Mao, we raise the stakes for Miller, and we get a tale of Belter woe thanks to Dawes' story about his sister. It felt in those moments like the momentum the Ceres stuff has been building really paid off.

I also personally got all the feels from watching the Rocinante crew come together. I've been dealing with them as a unit so long in the books that it's easy to forget that, at this point in the show, they're still kind of strangers to each other. Did the development of the team relationship ring true to you?

Cher: You're much further along in the books than I am. I've been slacking. But yeah, I like that they are starting to actually bond like a team versus a ragtag crew of leftover parts from the Cant that are stuck with one another. Then again, considering the circumstances, their own survival is kind of dependent on them really being loyal to one another. 

I agree about Harris and Jane. I like the evolution we're seeing in Miller. He's gone from this disenchanted, semi-corrupt cop to someone who's found a reason to start caring. I think that character is just going to get more interesting, and Jane is doing a great job bringing him to life. 

By the way, I mentioned a few weeks back that I didn't like Captain Shaddid and she just solidified that she can't be trusted. 

Adam: Well, yeah. But I'm wondering where her loyalties actually are. I mean, we've got the inner planets, the OPA ... but there's obviously a third player at work here, and I feel like we're getting close to finding out who that is. 

I will say that, overall, I liked this episode, but, other than Miller's near-death, it felt like a bit of a break episode in which we take a moment to get to know our characters better. And the Uncle Mateo segment didn't seem to have much purpose beyond establishing the reason for the tensions between the Belt/OPA and the inner planets ... which is something we already knew. I'll admit that I expected things to ramp up much more quickly after Episode 4. I'm guessing that's going to happen now, with the launch of the mission to find "Lionel Polanski." But we only have three episodes left in the season! 

Anything in this episode, other than Avasarala, that didn't work for you?

Cher: Not taking the cheap way out, but everything you said pretty much sums up how I felt. Yeah, it's great to get to know our characters, but I did expect a little more to be going on pace-wise by now. Unfortunately with a freshman show like this, especially when there are only 9 episodes, I feel like there needs to be a little more "wow" factor at this point. I feel like we're still treading water. I hope the next episode rectifies that, or it may risk people feeling like this is a MUST WATCH every week. At least for myself, when I'm committing time to watching a show every week, I want to be jonesing for that show between episodes. I'm not jonesing right now. I want to be, though. 


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