Mission: Impossible - Fallout's director explains that title, trailer rumored to air during Super Bowl

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Jan 26, 2018, 12:29 PM EST (Updated)

Ethan Hunt is back, and his sixth mission continues to be improbable. No, imperceptible. Well, pretty impossible. But the Tom Cruise mega-franchise entry, written and directed by Rogue Nation helmer Christopher McQuarrie, finally has its subtitle: Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

You can see it here on Cruise’s new Instagram account:

That account, which also published the pic of Cruise doing an insane jump stunt that you can see in the tweet below, broke the news about the title and has been including scenes from filming.

But what does the title mean? You'll have to ask the director.

In an interview with Empire, McQuarrie explains the title — and how the creative team came up with it. McQuarrie says that the team used a Mission: Impossible title generator (probably something like this), which gave them random two-word subtitles.

“We immediately created all the silliest titles we could,” the director said, which led to the decision that the film should have a single word as its subtitle. “This is a different kind of movie, it should be expressing a different attitude. It should be striking its own ground, and that’s what I felt Fallout did.”

So, more seriously, what’s the inevitable bomb that’s created this Fallout?

“The title has multiple meanings in the film, from the literal to the figurative,” McQuarrie said. “There is the threat of nuclear terrorism hanging over the movie,” while there’s also “the notion that what’s happened in the movie is the end result of choices that Ethan Hunt has made in his life.” The life of a spy is a treacherous one and, as we’ve seen before in the series, Hunt’s heart can often win out over his head. This movie focuses on “the fallout of all his good intentions.”

That certainly can’t be as intense, though, as the fallout surrounding villain Henry Cavill’s mustache (that he grew for his Fallout role and which made his Justice League reshoots depict him as an uncanny Silly Putty monster). We’ll see the ‘stache soon, though, because the trailer is rumored to be dropping during the Super Bowl.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is out on July 26.