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Mission: Impossible director sounds off on star Henry Cavill’s 'Mustache-gate' and those Justice League reshoots

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Jul 5, 2018, 6:39 PM EDT (Updated)

When Justice League was released last November, a chunk of the news wasn’t just about how the greatest heroes in the DC universe teamed up for the first time on the big screen. There was that hairy bit about a (Super)man and his mustache.

The debacle was promptly dubbed “Mustache-gate” and focused on how Paramount Pictures would not let Henry Cavill — who was then deep into production on its film Mission: Impossible - Fallout — shave the mustache he was sporting for that movie so he could complete re-shoots for Justice League.

What Justice League fans eventually received was a CGI mouth on Superman that made him seem more like Bizarro than Man of Steel.

With Mission: Impossible - Fallout arriving in theaters later this month, the subject of “Mustache-gate” has surfaced once again — this time in Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie's Twitter feed.

While only glazing over it in the past, McQuarrie addressed the controversy Wednesday —  briskly elaborating on what went down :

While it doesn’t quite give a full-on reason other than “We did our best” (while teasing his appearance on the Empire podcast), it certainly provides an intriguing setup for what else he might have spilled. If Paramount caved and let Cavill shave, what would he have looked like in Mission: Impossible? Would he have needed to wear a fake mustache? Or would the situation have been flipped — and would Paramount have had to create its own CGI 'stache... and we'd be having the same conversation in reverse?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout opens in theaters July 27.

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