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Misty Knight and Colleen Wing is the Marvel spinoff we need in new clip from Luke Cage Season 2

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Jun 4, 2018

As the Netflix corner of Marvel’s universe continues to expand, the upcoming season of Luke Cage revels in the crossover and gives Misty Knight and Colleen Wing a chance to kick butt with no Power Man in sight. Of course, they don’t need any help.

The new clip showcases a relatively early scene where Misty is still grappling with the loss of her arm (which happened in The Defenders miniseries). Misty has always been known for her jump shot and hand-to-hand skills, and losing her arm has obviously affected both. But there’s nothing like a good ol’ bar fight to help find your mojo. Misty takes on a bar full of goons with just one arm, and comes to realize she still packs a punch. Colleen eventually jumps in to lend a hand, and now we’re just jonesing for the Daughters of the Dragon spinoff Marvel should’ve given us ages ago.

 As for Misty, keen-eyed fans already know she’ll eventually be getting her bionic arm that’s a trademark of the character in the comics. But it’s nice to know she’s still a strong, fearless hero with or without it.

Season 2 of Luke Cage picks up in the fallout of the first season and The Defenders miniseries, and finds Luke defending Harlem from a new villain in the form of Bushmaster (Mustafa Shakir), though OG baddies Mariah (Alfre Woodard) and Shades (Theo Rossi) are still responsible for their fair share of chaos on the streets.

Season 2 of Luke Cage drops June 22. 

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think:

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