MIT scientists are training AI to scare people. It's called Nightmare Machine. This will end well.

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Oct 26, 2016

As if science fiction didn’t already give us enough lingering fear that artificial intelligence might someday rise up and kill us all, researchers at MIT are literally training one to scare us. Happy Halloween?

The MIT team has created an algorithm called Nightmare Machine, which is essentially designed to make regular pictures scary. Be it a shot of a person, place or anything else — this AI will try to figure out how to make it as scary as possible. Even better? They’ve kind of open sourced the process. If you want to help train this AI to terrify humanity, you can chime in and vote on which face is the scariest, which will allow Nightmare Machine to refine its process and figure out which elements of a photo actually make it ‘scary.”

It’s an interesting thought experiment around Halloween, even if the implications are eventually creating a version of Skynet capable of building the greatest haunted house in history. Maybe that’s how they’ll take out humanity? Scaring us to death?

(Via The Verge)

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