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Nov 19, 2006

So my cable modem at is on the fritz. I was able to establish this after upgrading my router firmware, swapping three cables, updating my wireless security, and rewiring the system twice. So I am without the Internets at home, and I can't swap my cable modem for a working model, since today is Sunday and ComCast is closed.

Basically, I've come into work on a Sunday so that I can say I can't make my usual big Monday morning post.

So to keep you occupied, I'll post two short items:

  1. I'm not sure the Leonids stormed last night (it was foggy where I live). But reports are still coming in, including comments in my Leonids post from Saturday. Did you see any? Leave a note!
  2. I am totally chuffed to report that science bloggers Jennifer Ouellette and Sean Carroll are merging their waveforms! Ah, duality and unity. Geekdom seeps even into love. I'm really happy for them, but hoping that Jen-Luc is still available. I'm sure Mrs. Bad Astronomer would understand.

That's it for now. See y'all later on Monday.

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