Modest proposal: Make the Doctor the patron saint of England

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Everyone in the U.K. knows that the patron saint of England is St. George: the guy who slew the dragon, big red cross, etc. But Adam Rutherford, a correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, has issues with him—beginning with the question of whether he really existed—and proposes a new patron saint: the Doctor,

... the shape-shifting time-travelling guardian of humanity from Doctor Who. In fact, the Doctor shares many striking similarities with St George. Both are dragon-slaying outsiders, fighting on foreign shores to protect their adopted people. But we know so much more about the Doctor, and thus can proudly and sensibly sing his praises. If we as a people demand collective narrative from legend, we might as well make it a ripping yarn.
The Doctor possesses so many traits of Englishness to which we should all aspire: defiance and good humour in the face of adversity; a sense of style that is at once individual, traditional and contemporary; a special brand of cheeky conservative rebelliousness; a humbling reliance on hot companions. Follow your spirit and upon this charge cry God for Harry, England and the Doctor!

Oh, a crazy idea, you say? It's endorsed by none other than writer Neil Gaiman, the English creator of The Sandman, who now lives in Minnesota. Tweeting from his feed:

@neilhimself Make Dr WHo the new Patron Saint of England, says the Guardian? I am SO THERE.

Who better?

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