Moffat has "immortalized" Danny Pink, but it sounds like he won't be back.

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Oct 17, 2014

Doctor Who's eighth season has been chugging along and, with a mummy on the Orient Express in space recently dispatched, we're more than halfway through it. Former soldier -- and current boyfriend for Clara Oswald -- Danny Pink has played a key role so far, and it's clear that he'll be crucial in the final episodes of this season.

But where is he headed, what motivates him, and where on the board will he be at the end of the day? Actor Samuel Anderson revealed a bit of what we can expect.

Eps 11 and 12 were such challenging ones for me. I had to get it right. Forget your inhibitions. It would have been crappy if I hadn’t believed in it. You’ll see where Danny lies morally what he hopes to get out of his relationship with Clara… By the end of the season, Moffat has kind of immortalised Danny Pink. That has definitely been my proudest moment ever, ever, ever. Coming out the other end of Eps 10,11 and 12, and realising, ‘Wow, I’ve survived, I’ve made it, I’ve really pushed it,’ kind of makes you want to go, ‘One more year, c’mon!’

So maybe Danny won't be dead, but will he, like the Doctor, make decisions that push Clara away? Or will Danny be the reason Clara finally leaves? The thing we've heard repeatedly is that Clara is leaving. On the other hand, Anderson is really making a case for Danny to stick around. Or at least his descendent.

Start a campaign for Danny Pink. If not Danny, bring back Orson, as his descendant. Yeah, I feel like I’ve only just got started.

Orson could be interesting, although, considering the events from Listen, we're not so sure he'd want to do any more time traveling.

But how do you feel about Danny Pink? Should he stick around, or does he not quite fit with Capaldi's Doctor?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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