Moffat may have revealed WHERE Matt Smith’s Doctor will regenerate

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Oct 18, 2013

Where will the Doctor's big change go down? Steven Moffat knows...and he's talking.

As we all know, Matt Smith’s Eleventh is set to regenerate during the upcoming Christmas special, when he'll be replaced by actor Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

(Please note that we're going to ignore that little issue here for now whilst naming the different Doctors.)

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#466 currently out in the UK), Steven Moffat spoke about Matt Smith’s final moments as the Doctor on the show, saying:

“Pretty soon [Peter] will arrive and he’ll be whisked off to begin the trip of a lifetime, probably wondering what it will be like, where it will take him, and how long it will last. And about then, Matt Smith will be standing in his TARDIS for the very last time, with his eyes on the studio door – because about to step through is a Scottish actor, dressed as him.”

So, does that mean that Matt Smith’s Doctor will also regenerate in the TARDIS? If so, then this is definitely becoming some sort of tradition started when Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor regenerated into David Tennant’s beloved Ten, and Ten into Smith's Eleven...all of them while they were in the TARDIS.

In another interview, Moffat said: “It’s utterly bonkers! He still thinks he’s Matt Smith, but he looks like he’s Peter Capaldi. He’s adjusting to who he is. It’s a transitional phase.”

Should be a hoot to watch!

So, are you guys at all surprised that we may get another regeneration in the TARDIS?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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