Moffat reveals what John Hurt did to steal every scene in Who’s 50th

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Oct 28, 2013

Forget Matt Smith or David Tennant. According to Steven Moffat, the real scene stealer in that Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special will be John Hurt. A feat the actor accomplished seemingly without even opening his mouth!

That’s what the Doctor Who showrunner revealed to Radio Times.

Moffat says that while Smith and Tennant will bring their “usual frenetic energy to the roles” of the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors, respectively, Hurt will use a subtler approach to his darker and mysterious incarnation of the Time Lord.

"It was great fun. You'd have David and Matt, they’d be leaping around the set and doing every form of physical comedy with each other – and, you know, slightly competing about who could be slightly more insane than the other – and then John Hurt would come along and do this [tiny movement] with his eyes and you go 'That's it – he's got the scene now hasn't he?'"

Hurt’s mysterious Doctor was introduced at the end of the season-seven finale, “The Name of the Doctor,” and will carry into the big whopping 50th-anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.”

Speaking again of the veteran actor, Steven Moffat said:

"John was delightful – delightfully grumpy in every single way. During our last meal [while filming] he got grumpy about the fact that he liked the wine!
"He's not actually grumpy. He's actually a really, really lovely man."

“The Day of the Doctor,” which will air in simulcast all over the world on Nov. 23, is rumored to involve Daleks and the legendary Time War. Now, how cool would that be? Are you looking forward to seeing more of John Hurt's mysterious Doctor?

(via Radio Times)

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