Moffat hints Who's 7th season may deliver more Doctor than usual

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Dec 16, 2012

We have many long (and painful) months to wait before season seven of Doctor Who materializes on our TV screens with brand-new time-traveling shenanigans—until the fall, to be exact—but the good news is we may be getting more than the usual 14-episode season.

In a short video interview with Radio Times, Who showrunner Steven Moffat confirmed that the beloved sci-fi series "will be returning in the Autumn, not exactly saying when, but returning in the Autumn for a long run."

A long run? What can Moffat possibly mean?

When asked how many episodes (if there would be more than 13, to be exact) we were to expect for season seven, Moffat cryptically said—all the while trying to keep a straight poker face, "I'll just say it's at least 14 episodes. Obviously we start in the Autumn, so the Christmas special is part of the run."

Moffat also confirmed—once again—that plans were indeed afoot for the show's 50th-anniversary shindig coming up in 2013. "Oh dear god, yes!'' he said.

While the Moff remained coy about the details for the Doctor's (Matt Smith) big bash, he teased, ''I think honestly, and I'm just saying this as a Doctor Who fan myself and knowing a certain amount of what's coming, and making some of the other stuff up, there will never be a better time to be a Doctor Who fan! I absolutely promise that!"

Do you think we're in for more than 14 episodes for season seven (the season may spill over to 2013—the year of the 50th—if they split it in two as rumored), or is Steven Moffat just trying to encourage fan speculation?