Moffat says we're going to learn what the 'Who' in Doctor Who means

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Dec 17, 2012

The end of Doctor Who's sixth season left us on a major cliffhanger with one question, and some might say it's the question—"Doctor Who?" But was Steven Moffat being serious? Will the question that is the very title of the show really be answered? At San Diego Comic-Con, he gave his answer.

"He never gives his name. Other Time Lords do, but he doesn't. Clearly the question is tremendously important ... And only I know why!"

Spit it out, Moff.

"We actually find out the truth."

So, just to be clear, you're actually going to reveal the Doctor's name?

"Yes... You'll see."

Uh ... hmm. All right, we'll bite, oh Grand Moff. How does one answer the question that has been the title of a TV show for 50 years without following that up with "THE END"? How does one do so satisfactorily after decades of character exploration, reboots, reinventions and regenerations? Because we're tempted to say it can't be done. "DON'T DO THIS CRAZY THING," we'd say in all caps, because this is the most serious of business.

But maybe that's just those of us who have been watching Doctor Who since the sets wobbled and we still drank our juice from sippy cups. How do you feel? Excited for this revelation, or is the meta-textualness of it all too much?

(Via Doctor Who TV)