Moffat teases Amy and Rory's Who exit (and that new companion!)

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Dec 16, 2012

Are you excited about the upcoming seventh season of Doctor Who? We know we are. And though we have to wait until the fall (bummer) to see our beloved Doctor (Matt Smith) again, Steven Moffat has made it his mission to tease us about what's coming up for the Time Lord, including the moment we'll have to say goodbye to The Ponds, and the anticipated arrival of a mysterious new companion.

The seventh season of Doctor Who is set to start filming on Feb. 20 (mark your calendars, set-stalkers), and Steven Moffat is still keeping mum about storyline details. However, he had a somewhat worrying bit to offer about the upcoming departure of current companions Amy and Rory.

"I'm writing that right now, the big Rory and Amy heartbreaking finale,'' Moffat said to The University Observer. ''It will be quite heartbreaking. I think you'll be in trouble watching it."

What in the name of Gallifrey can Steven Moffat mean? Does he mean heart trouble 'cause the buckets of tears some of us are bound to shed (damn you, Moffat) will induce heartbreaking on a massive, medical scale? (Just kidding!)

Moffat also reveals, "We just had our official day commencing pre-production on Doctor Who, so as for knowing when it's actually going to be shown is a little bit optimistic. But we'll definitely show it, and I'm pretty sure it will be the autumn."

As for who—or what—will be the Doctor's next companion, Steven Moffat had this to say (he wrote the following bit in the program to an Australian Doctor Who concert in Melbourne that was staged this past Saturday):

"Doctor Who's 50th anniversary is coming. In Cardiff, we're gearing up for the biggest, the best and the most ambitious season we've ever made. There will be shocks, surprises and heartbreak—the Doctor is about to say goodbye to his very best friends, Amy and Rory.

"And then he's about to say hello to someone very different—the Doctor is going to meet someone very new in the very last place he could ever have expected ..."

What do you guys think about Steven Moffat's dastardly teasers?

(via The University Observer and Radio Times)

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