Mon-El returns and Samantha finally gets answers in this week's Supergirl

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Nov 20, 2017

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Supergirl Season 3 Episode 7: "Wake Up."

Well, Mon-El is back. He was in that crashed space ship we saw a couple times throughout this season. Supergirl finds him when she, Winn, and J'onn go to check out the ship. Kara is overwhelmed with joy; Mon-El is, unsurprisingly, different.

Through drips and drabs Mon-El admits that when he was launched in the pod, he went through a wormhole and ended up in the 30th century. It has been seven months for Kara and his Earth friends; but for him, he was gone for seven years. Kara is hurt because he doesn't seem like his old self, which seems selfish because he has obviously been through some kind of trauma. At the same time, Mon-El won't tell Kara anything because he doesn't want to hurt her. But keeping quiet is obviously hurting her, so it is a lose-lose situation.


Mon-El sneaks into the armory and knocks out two guards in an attempt to steal a large ring. Supergirl comes in and punches him in the face. When he wakes he is in a containment unit (and has changed back into her Kara clothes). He refuses to explain himself to her, but when Winn comes by he finally admits he needs help. Winn breaks him out of DEO jail and they go back to the ship. Supergirl discovers Mon-El is missing and finds the boys in the ship, trying to get the power back on. Mon-El is concerned because the other people in the pods have awoken and he worries they will die. Mon-El tries desperately to break open one of the pods, but he is too weak. Supergirl smashes open the tube. A woman is inside, unconscious but alive.

They take her back to the DEO, put her in the medical ward, and Mon-El and Kara have a few minutes reminiscing. He wore her necklace every day, to remember her. But then the pod woman wakes up and walks outside, a big smile on her face, like nothing happened. Mon-El introduces Kara as Supergirl and the pod girl geeks out. But then Mon-El makes the introduction the other way, and there is not an ounce of surprise in me. "This is Imra. My wife."


It took an entire episode to get to this point. It was such an obvious reveal. I don't know if this is how Mon-El's story plays out in the comic books - I've never read one - but every beat in this storyline tonight was painfully predictable. It just makes the show difficult to get through.

Samantha's storyline tonight was no less predictable, but at least it was interesting. Long story short: she becomes Reign.  Long story a little less long: Sam goes to visit Patricia, her adoptive mother, who kicked her out of the house when she got knocked up with Ruby. Patricia has never met Ruby; barely knows her name. Out of frustration, Sam goes to visit her to get answers about her birth mother. Patricia takes her out to the barn and shows her the space pod she arrived in. Patricia reveals she is from Krypton, and planned to tell Sam about it when she turned 18, but she was already out of the house. There are an awful lot of pods from Krypton landing in small family-owned farms.

Anyway, Sam touches the pod, it turns on, and ejects a crystal rod. Samantha takes this, then sets off on a road trip, promising to tell Ruby everything when she gets home. The crystal leads Sam out to the middle of the desert. When she arrives, the ground rumbles and huge spikes grow out of the ground, forming a cave. Inside, Sam puts the crystal into a huge console. Everything lights up and a hologram appears, the woman who Sam was seeing in her dreams. "This is your Fortress of Sanctuary, a piece of your world - Krypton," the hologram tells her. Sam is psyched. "I'm like Supergirl!" The hologram assures her she is more than that, she was designed to execute justice. But they won't call her a hero; they will call her a world killer. Sam is heartbroken, insists she is a good person. The hologram tells her she will soon forget Ruby, forget all her mortal trappings. "It is time for you to become Reign," the hologram says. There is a rumbling noise and Sam appears to be going through an excruciatingly painful inner transformation. Then the pain stops, and Samantha stands. Her eyes are red. "I have awaken," she says in a foreign tongue.

Next week is the cross-over event, and that is usually great. Hopefully now that this season's "big bad" has been "born," we can get to some action and put all this emo stuff behind us. I think I have said this every week, yet I still hold onto hope.

Let's hear your thoughts. Do you like the emotional stuff or are you ready for some butt-kicking?