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Mondo unveils new Jurassic Park board game to celebrate 25 years of the franchise

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Jul 12, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

Mondo, the company that's built a reputation for stellar posters and t-shirts featuring art from all of our favorite pop culture properties, began branching out into board games last year with a tabletop adventure based on John Carpenter's The Thing. This year, the company's bringing that same passion for game design to another classic sci-fi franchise: Jurassic Park

Mondo just announced that later this year, it will release Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene, a new board game for two to four players, in stores and at the MondoTees website. The game's box top will be on display at Mondo's booth at San Diego Comic-Con (booth #435) next week, along with a few special Jurassic Park patches to gets fans excited about the game.

The Chaos Gene features four different factions for players to choose from, including both human and dinosaurs characters, with the basic goal being to explore the park. Each faction has its own advantage and disadvantages, and the "scenario-based" play system is designed to create thrilling encounters along the way. The game was designed by Mondo's head game scientist Luke Byers, with art by Matthew Woodson. 

“In our approach to Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene, we took many of our favorite elements of a traditional dungeon crawl style board game and spliced them with one of our favorite films of all time. The goal was to create something truly unique and incredibly fun to play” Byers said in a statement.

Players will choose to play as InGen employees, park visitors, raptors, or the mighty T. Rex, and each will have their own objectives and talents. The T. Rex, for example, moves twice as fast as the other factions, while the raptors are stealthy, and the InGen employees have a detailed and intimate knowledge of the park they helped build.

According to the official game description, the goal is to "Find items needed for your faction, attack or avoid other dinosaurs, gain experience and customize your faction. With several scenarios and modular environment tiles for players to explore, each faction has unique objectives to complete in an effort to win the game!"

No firm release date has yet been given for The Chaos Gene, but Mondo expects to make it available this fall. For now, you can sign up for updates at the game's official website. For even more details, check out the faction designs and details below, courtesy of Mondo.