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Mondo’s Fight Club: The Home Game let’s you finally be Tyler Durden (or his wimpy roommate)

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Aug 1, 2018, 1:58 PM EDT

One of the great things about our current geek landscape is that no worthy film is ever truly dead. And perhaps no creative crew continually proves that better than the good folks of Mondo. To exclamate that point, behold Mondo’s latest revival: Fight Club: The Home Game.

Yes, if you’ve spent the last 19 years or so (kudos for Mondo for getting ahead of the 20-year anniversary fervor) wondering if you’re more of a purely id-driven Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) type than an ego-following Narrator (Edward Norton) type, then wonder no more, because Mondo’s new two-player competitive deck-building card game will let you “choose to embody one side of a split personality competing for control of a single mind,” according to today’s release.

Check out the cover art below from Matt Taylor, for the game designed by Luke Byers and Jay Shaw (who also did the game art), and just tell us it doesn’t make you want to second-guess the soup at the cafeteria today, just in case:

Fight Club - The Home Game_Box Cover

(Credit: Matt Taylor, Mondo)

The game comes correct with “over 140 cards (Basic, Sleep/Insomnia, Fight and Marla), a fold-out instruction poster, ‘Slide’ tracker board and a Soap Tracker piece.” But careful, because you don’t know where that soap’s been.

The dual-use cards are placed in a shared draw row, and tallied on a shared tracker allowing players to either become “complete” or “hit bottom.” 

Really though, it sounds like you’ll be competing for the right to be Tyler, because who the heck would want to be The Narrator when you could be late-‘90s Brad Pitt? Well, we suppose The Narrator does fare a bit better in the end (although we still somehow have credit card debt.)

So the only real question left is when are we going to be able to play as Bob... er, sorry, his name is Robert Paulsen.

Mondo’s Fight Club: The Home Game will be available in stores and online this September.