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Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild animated special announced for 2019

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Jul 12, 2018, 2:40 PM EDT

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been the gaming developer's biggest in a long, long time. Big enough that it’s being turned into a movie (or series of movies) by the same folks that handled the company’s Resident Evil adaptations. But before that, the company wants to bank on the success of Monster Hunter: World (the fastest-selling title Capcom has ever had). So now it’s taking the franchise to as many different media as possible -- more quickly than expected.

According to, Capcom is teaming up with Pure Imagination Studios to create an animated special called Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild based on their Monster Hunter franchise. This comes after 2016’s Japanese anime Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On, though it doesn't look to be connected. Instead the special is about an up-and-coming monster hunter who must deal with an Elder Dragon focused on his village.

“We are thrilled to return fans to the universe of Monster Hunter and expand the series’ rich lore,” said Monster Hunter Series Producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto. “We think die-hard fans will appreciate our dedication to the source material while those uninitiated to the series will still be treated to an epic adventure in a wholly unique world.”

The animated special, written by Ultimate Spider-Man scribe Joshua Fine, looks to wrap production this winter, with eyes on a global debut sometime in 2019. Will you be hunting it down?