Monsters: Dark Continent has a major Battle: Los Angeles vibe in latest trailer

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Mar 16, 2015, 4:51 PM EDT (Updated)

A new trailer for the sequel to Gareth Edwards’ Monsters has arrived, and this is definitely a more action-packed spin on the contemplative alien war.

The latest trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent shows off a ton of new footage, with much of it evoking that war-time vibe of recent sci-fi actioner Battle: Los Angeles. The film follows a U.S. military platoon that gets caught up in the middle of the alien war when a brand-new breed of aliens start causing trouble. The plot has been kept under wraps, though it'll apparently follow the search for a missing soldier.

Edwards made the first film for just a few hundred thousand dollars, and it became an indie sci-fi hit and helped him score the gig directing Godzilla. The 2010 original was a contemplative peek into a world thrown into havoc by a confusing alien invasion. It was moody, atmospheric and tense as hell. The sequel is being helmed by relative unknown Tom Green, though Edwards did pitch in as an executive producer.

Check out the new trailer below and let us know what you think:

The film is set to debut April 17, though it's apparently already available to stream on Comcast VOD.

(Via Dread Central)