Moon hoax talk in Seattle on Sunday, January 7

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Jan 3, 2007

I'll be attending an American Astronomical Society meeting in January in Seattle (and blogging a lot while there). I love to give talks when I travel, and this time I'm pleased that I'll be giving my Moon Hoax talk at the Society for Sensible Explanations -- a skeptics group -- on January 7.

In this talk I debunk the goofy idea that NASA faked the Apollo Moon landings. It's a pretty fun talk, with lots of humor but of course solid science and a thick steaming slab of critical thinking. If you're in the area, you should think about (and act upon the idea) joining the group and attending the talk! After all, as the group website says, their goals are to

Encourage critical thinking.

Promote sensible explanations for paranormal claims.

Promote real science as an antidote for pseudo-science.

Sounds like my kind of folks.

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