More antivax lies: shots and profits

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Sep 16, 2009

The people who are so rabidly against vaccinations don't have any real evidence to back up their claims, so sometimes they have to make stuff up out of thin air. One common claim is that doctors are raking in the cash for vaccinations, so you shouldn't trust them.

Regular readers know that's just another antivax lie, since doctors would make far more money letting epidemics take their course. But now there's even more evidence showing antivaxxers are full of it: some doctors are not prescribing vaccinations because insurance companies won't reimburse the doctors enough for giving them. In other words, doctors are losing money giving vaccinations.

That sucks, and just goes to show that health care needs a major overhaul in this country. But that's not my point. The real lesson here is that if something is said by an antivaxxer, chances are it's exactly wrong. Do your research before listening to them. You'll almost certainly find you'll need to take what they say with a pinch -- if not a metric ton -- of salt.

Tip o' needle to Robert Estes.

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