More bad space news: Explosion at Scaled Composites site

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Jul 26, 2007

If bad news comes in threes, someone is bad at math: there was a huge blast at the Mojave Air and Space Port home of Scaled Composites, the company that built SpaceShipOne, the first civilian rocket into space.

Two Three [sigh] people were killed. Evidently they were testing the engine for SpaceShipTwo when it blew. It wasn't an explosion: they were doing a "cold test" with nitrous oxide, which isn't flammable. I'm guessing a weak spot somewhere resulted in a rupture, and the huge pressure from the gas blew up the works. A bad valve, a weak point in a fuel line or a tank... hard to say. I'm sure we'll find out more eventually.

Not much detail on this one yet. Cripes, when I went to dinner I was thinking this day was done. Let's hope any more news will be better.

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