More details on Doctor Who Christmas ep, plus more evidence Clara's exit is close

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Dec 10, 2014, 4:18 PM EST (Updated)

Last Christmas gets its plot details revealed, Moffat talks what the ep's really about, and then there's a little something on the fate of Clara Oswald ...

Some of what follows are spoilers, some is spoiler-adjacent speculation. Consider yourselves warned.

So! It's just over two weeks until Christmas! That means presents and stockings and trees and oh, who cares? It means Doctor Who is back! So, what's for Christmas this year? Let's start with the official synopsis:

Four crew members of an Ice Cap Polar Base – Ashley Carter, Bellows, Professor Albert and Shona – are under attack from the alien Kantrofarri. Fortunately for them, help is on the way. But desperate though their situation is, how willing will they be to accept one rescuer who arrives in a police box, and another who turns up on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer?

So, Father Christmas fights back against aliens invading a polar base? Yup, that sounds like Doctor Who, all right. and in case that doesn't sound enough like Who, here's one confirmed line of dialogue:

SANTA: “It’s Christmas Day, it’s the North Pole, and you’re dying. Who are you going to call?”

Personally, I'd call Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man. I hear he's been a really good boy this year.

But, no, even though The Night the Reindeer Died is a misunderstood, modern Christmas classic, the hero of this story is still the Doctor. Well, the Doctor and Clara. And speaking of Clara, last we saw her she'd just left the Doctor after lying about the fate of one Danny Pink. So, where will her story pick up, and how will it figure into this episode? Here's what Moffat had to say about it:

For Clara, it’s six months later. She’s been coping with life without the Doctor, life without Danny, never expecting all that to start up again – and magically it does.

I think at the beginning of the episode, you might start to think we’re going to ignore what happened [in Death in Heaven]. But that quickly becomes the spine of it – the fact that they’ve been lying to each other and all that – that becomes very important. That’s the emotional story.

How it all resolves, that is sort of what Last Christmas is really all about… but it plays at being Santa Claus and Alien along the way!

Christmas episode or not, it would be kind of weird for the show to completely ignore what happened in the season-eight finale. The notion of the special having anything in common with Alien, though? That could be pretty cool. Facehuggers, anyone?

But there's one other oddity that's worth mentioning. All this information is gleaned from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. At the back of that issue is a preview for January's magazine, which will include a segment where "Jenna Coleman reflects on her time as Clara Oswald." That sure sounds like a final look back, doesn't it?

What do you think? Is that the final nail in the Clara coffin, or do you still think this is all smoke and mirrors and she might stick around after all?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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