More 'Expanded Universe' characters coming to new-look Star Wars canon

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Jan 29, 2018

Disney essentially erased decades of stories and adventures when it kicked the “Expanded Universe” over to “Legends” designation and removed it from the official Star Wars canon. But that doesn’t mean all those characters are gone for good — and it sounds like some familiar faces could be coming back sooner than we expected.

Leland Chee, with the Lucasfilm Story Group, has been fielding fan questions on Twitter, and chimed in about the desire among some fans to see Expanded Universe players show up in the new-look canon. Lucasfilm already mined the character Grand Admiral Thrawn and introduced a version of him into the animated series Star Wars Rebels, and Chee said the new canon will be digging deeper into those alt-universe stories for more characters that fans will recognize.

The upcoming Solo prequel film will include a deep cut from the Star Wars comics, the hapless soldiers Tag and Bink, and Chee promises there’s more where that came from. 

Chee makes it clear we’re talking about “various media” here, which these days could mean anything from the animated projects, mainline films, spinoff films, comics, or tie-in books. Lucasfilm is putting out a ton of Star Wars content these days set within the new continuity, and with the foundations firmly set, it seems the studio is finally prepared to start mining more of the best nuggets from the Expanded Universe.

What would you like to see make the jump? Any characters you’re dying to see reimagined?

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