More intriguing info on Kara, Superman and villain Lumberjack for CBS' Supergirl emerge

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Feb 13, 2015, 3:36 PM EST (Updated)

Our colleagues over at Comic Book have unveiled a couple more video auditions for CBS’s upcoming superhero TV series Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist as Supes’ cousin Kara. What’s cool about them? It’s that they offer a bit more information on Supergirl, the Man of Steel himself and the show’s very first villain, Lumberjack.

The video you'll see below is that of a 16-year-old actress, and it reveals a scene in which Kara is saying goodbye to her biological folks, Zor-El and Alura, just before they hurl her off into space, toward our good ol' blue planet. Here’s the interesting bit of info from the dialogue, as transcribed by Comic Book:

Zor-El: Your pods coordinates are interlocked with Kal-El's. You will follow him to Earth.

Kara: I'm not afraid, father.

Zor-El: You are so like your mother.

Alura: The trip is long, but you will sleep most of the way. And we will be with you in your dreams. You'll journey to Earth to watch over your baby cousin, Kal-El. Because of Earth's yellow sun you will have great powers on this planet. You'll be able to do extraordinary things.

Kara: I won't fail Kal-El, mother. Or, you.

Have a look:

The second audition video audition is for Lumberjack, who’ll be the first villain Kara Zor-El will fight in the pilot. Though we don’t know much about the character, this new video sheds a bit more light on the villain. In it, we learn that Lumberjack is an alien and that he’s receiving instructions from someone who is ... a general. Could this mysterious general be one of Superman’s greatest foes, General Zod? Here’s the bit of interesting dialogue:

Mysterious Villain: You saw the plane?

Lumberjack: Yes, and the girl. Where do you think she came from?

Mysterious Villain: He (Superman) made it to Earth. Is it so hard to believe others did to?

Lumberjack: She's working with the humans?

Mysterious Villain: It appears so. She must not become an impediment to our plans. The general has ordered you to locate her and terminate.

Lumberjack: I can't promise her death won't be public and messy.

Mysterious Villain: Casualties are irrelevant. Never forget who imprisoned you.

Lumberjack: I won’t. I intend to repay that debt in full.

Could this mean that Superman's dad Jor-El imprisoned Lumberjack? Interesting. We'll have to wait and see. And THIS, which all but confirms that Lumberjack is a bit less than human:

Supergirl: I can hear your heartbeat, all three of them.

Lumberjack: And on my planet females bow before males. Tell me your name and your home or origin and no one in your city will die, except you.

There’s more discussion between Lumberjack and Supergirl, and you can catch it all in the audition video:

A third audition video is for the part of Alex Danvers, Kara’s adopted Earth sister who works for "a secret government organization." It gives us more interesting background on Supergirl’s childhood. Check it out:

What do you guys think about the new bits of info on CBS’ Supergirl?

(via Comic Book)