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More millennial women are watching Doctor Who this season

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Dec 11, 2018, 3:30 PM EST

After the recent discovery that Whovians have to wait a whole year for more Doctor Who, it's time for some good news when it comes to our favorite time-traveling hero. It turns out that more American women are flocking to the TARDIS now that there’s a lady at the helm. 

Since Jodie Whittaker took the reigns as the Thirteenth Doctor, the BBC America airing of the show has been averaging about 1.6 million viewers including on-demand and delayed viewings. As noted by Vulture, that’s a 20% increase from the previous season which starred Peter Capaldi. Plus, Whittaker’s first season has done better in America than the first season for the other three Doctors (Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Christopher Eccleston) since the series rebooted in 2005. 

Some might attribute the increased ratings to the popularity of the show overall but TV ratings across networks have been steadily decreasing due to the proliferation of options and streaming platforms. So the fact Whitaker’s Who has actually significantly increased viewership is... uhhh, significant. 

The ratings increase has especially been noticeable in the millennial female demographic (sup!) which has doubled this season for same-day viewing. The infusion of a fresh Doctor and new behind-the-scenes team for Season 11 has certainly breathed new life into a series that has been around for more than a decade in its rebooted form. The move from Saturday nights to Sunday nights probably didn't hurt either.

No matter how you spin it, Jodie Whittaker's presence as the first female Doctor is not hurting the show in any way. In fact, it looks like she's helping — as the Doctor is known to do.

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