More proof emerges that Jon Snow hasn’t exited Game of Thrones

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Jul 22, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 6 is gearing up for production, and the cast is currently gathering at Titanic Studios in Belfast for a “table read.” And according, this meet-up includes star Kit Harington ... whose characer Jon Snow died violently at the end of the last season.

Or did he?

The presence of Harington is yet more proof that his fan-favorite character Jon is, as The Princess Bride put it, only "mostly dead," rather than "all dead" (that, and the fact that Harington his kept his hair long, to maintain the look of his character). 

Unfortunately, book readers can’t provide any guidance. When last we saw Jon Snow in A Dance with Dragons, he was as dead as a doornail that has been stabbed repeatedly by its fellow Night’s Watchmen. 

Game of Thrones fans have speculated that Jon’s soul will “warg” into his direwolf Ghost, where Melisandre can eventually restore it to his healed body, with the power derived from the Lord of Light. But given Ghost's absence in the show relative to in the books, HBO might have to take a different road.  

Another theory: Jon Snow is dead-dead, and Kit Harington is merely haunting the production crew.


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