More Sony leaks reveal Drew Goddard wanted to use the Savage Land in Sinister Six

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Apr 17, 2015, 6:02 PM EDT

And the Sony e-mail leaks just keep on coming. A new report over at Bleeding Cool has revealed that Drew Goddard -- who departed that little Marvel Netflix series titled Daredevil for a chance at working on Sony’s now dead-in-the-water Sinister Six movie -- planned to use the Savage Land in the comic-book movie.

The Savage Land first appeared in the pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #22 way back when in 1941, but it wasn’t until X-Men #10 that it was named. It was a warm, lush tropical place surrounded by volcanoes and set in Antarctica. Long story short, it was created over 200 million years ago as one of several planetary "game preserves" for the mysterious godlike Beyonders by an alien race called the Nuwali. The place was filled with dinosaurs and had prehistoric mammals and man-apes as well as countless other races. This is where Marvel's superhero Ka-Zar dwells.

So, who had the rights to use the Savage Land in the movies? In an e-mail dated Oct. 29, 2014, Sony exec Rachel O’Connor said: "tom cohen said it is not part of the xmen grant."

That, in turn, means that it belongs to Marvel Studios. Back in October again, Sony’s Amy Pascal put down some guidelines for how to go about this:

I suggest you guys get in a room this morning and go over drews pitch and what is in savage land comics and make sure we are okay and not in a situation where they can find any foot faults. We have known for weeks that drew was setting his story on a tropical island with dinosaurs and time travel portals. We can not be in a vulnerable position in anyway

In this story. This is top priority

For today

She then went on in more detail:

Before we call Ike

Or just this am

When I was in my way to the meeting last night

Rachel told me to be very general about mentioning islands with dinosaurs. So I said hold on...we knew we didn’t have savage land and this was all checked with legal Ect...she said of course michael marahall and Amy Wolfson said it was fine there are lots of islands with dinosaurs but her spidey kicked off and now mine is. I’m sure it’s fine

And Imthere might be adjustments . I had a complete overreaction to this with everyone last night before My meeting with Kevin and was reassured that we were in the clean… And I’m sure it’s fine but something is bothering me still Cuz of course I know Ike but so does Aimee Wolfson .

Didn’t want to not mention it to you.

I don’t have to tell you how confident we need to be in out position with Ike

Still according to Bleeding Cool, Amy Pascal then said to Sony’s Michael Lynton:

I could be over reacting but we have known this for weeks .long before thy came in to pitch drew has been talking about dinosaurs and fictional tropical islands. I can’t believe anyone would have allowed us to go forward if there was a problem and yet something is bothering me

Now, since Marvel and Sony have reached an historic agreement over our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, maybe we’ll get to see the Savage Land in the Spectacular Spider-Man flick Drew Goddard is now working on? What do you think?