More Spidey rumors; Sinister Six a reboot, Venom movie dead

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Oct 7, 2014, 6:28 PM EDT

The web of rumors surrounding the future of the Spider-Man film franchise is getting even more tangled. First, we had this report that some sort of plan was afoot to bring Spidey -- who is currently owned by Sony Pictures -- into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is wholly owned and operated by Marvel Studios/Disney. 

But now, Badass Digest's Devin Faraci has chimed in, saying that he's heard at least two different possible scenarios for Peter Parker and company:

In the first, the Sinister Six movie goes forward as a "soft reboot," with a new actor cast as Spidey and the hero teaming up with the villains to battle an even bigger menace. In the second, Spider-Man, himself, is put on ice for a while as Sony tries to spin off other characters from his canon into their own franchises. That plan, however, does not include Venom -- that movie is apparently all but dead at the moment. So, who gets a shot? Black Cat? Doc Ock?

As Faraci points out, all this speculation seems to point to one conclusion: Sony just doesn't know what to do with Spidey or any one component of his universe going forward. Which leads us to believe that the best thing the studio could do at this point would be to cut a deal with Marvel and really make comic book movie history.

Do you think Sony should hand off Spidey to Marvel and let the professionals take over? And if Marvel does take control, should they keep Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, or reboot him once again?