More mythology to explore on the Rise of the Lycans Blu-ray

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Kevin Grevioux, creator and co-star of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, told SCI FI Wire that he looks forward to fans' exploring the mythology of the series on DVD and Blu-ray when the film drops on May 12.

"I think, if anything, it's just getting a chance to revisit the history that we hinted at in the first two films," Grevioux said in an exclusive interview Monday. "That's what I think this DVD prequel will allow people to really do."

Rise of the Lycans provided fans of the series with backstory about the war between werewolves and vampires that played out in the first two Underworld films.

Grevioux said that Lycans not only provides historical context for the first two movies, but also ties that history to larger themes. "We really got to see the impetus for the whole war, and I think that really struck a chord with people," Grevioux said. "I created it as a surrealistic, interracial love story against the backdrop of a centuries-old race war, and I think a lot of people can identify with that: love that goes through a problem, the father that doesn't like the boyfriend, things like that."

Grevioux said those universal themes elevated the film beyond the limitations of being just another sequel, which is why he said he was satisfied by the finished product. "I think that worked to our advantage," he said. "I think it accomplished what it was supposed to. A lot of people look at it as the best one in the series because it had a lot of heart to it."