40 more sci-fi Twitter feeds you should be following

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

A few months ago, we pointed out 18 Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Should Be Following, which included a lot of well-known Tweeters that you've probably read about elsewhere.

Since then, the number of sci-fi luminaries on Twitter has grown tremendously, so we've put together a new list of interesting people you should be following, including both newcomers and some overlooked gems:

William Gibson

The author who coined the term cyberpunk and wrote the seminal novel Neuromancer has become a frequent Twitter poster, sharing gems like:

"I never reread my own stuff without pressing professional reason. Literally couldn't tell you the plot points in Count Zero, for instance"

Bonus Follow: The Queen of Cyberpunk, author Pat Cadigan, is also online at

Rockne O'Bannon

The creator of Farscape and Alien Nation recently joined the Twitter ranks, where he mostly talks about the current projects he's working on:

"Studio seems very happy with ZKIN pilot story. It's off to the network with zero studio notes. I love when I get to type that sentence!"

Zachary Quinto

He's Spock in the new Star Trek, Syler on Heroes, and on Twitter he likes to pass along links about what he's been doing for work:

"weird. me reading trek audiobook for 8.5 hours:"

Josh Friedman

Josh created Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and likes to blog about what's going on his life, which only sometimes involves TV:

"Security guard at my kid's school on what he wants out of tv: 'I want to laugh, and I want to watch people die'".

BONUS FOLLOW: You can also follow former TSCC writer Ashley Edward Miller, who is now working on Fringe:

Duncan Jones

Equally notable for being the son of David Bowie and the director of the critically acclaimed upcoming sci-fi film Moon, he keeps up a lively conversation with his followers while talking about his film:

"Just have to say.... 1 WEEK AWAY FROM MOON COMING OUT!!! By Odin's one good eye, am I petrified. (bit of geeky Norse oathing for you there)"

David Blue

David Blue plays Eli Wallace on the upcoming Stargate: Universe and is a prolific Twitterer who frequently talks about what's happening behind the scenes on the show:

"Awesome (albeit LONG) day of shooting yesterday. I love that we're all working so hard on this show, because it means it'll be AMAZING. #SGU"

BONUS FOLLOWS: Many members of the Stargate: Universe cast and crew have colonized Twitter, including—
Actors Brian Jacob Smith and Alaina Huffman
Writers Alan McCullough, Martin Gero, and Carl Binder
Even Ivon Bartok, who shoots the DVD extras

Damian Kindler

Damian Kindler created Sanctuary as a Web series before it made the jump to SCI FI, so it's only natural that he likes to discuss the show online with Twitter:

"Saw the pool at Vancouver Film Studio where we will hang the chopper. It will be amazing! FYI: Robin Dunne LOVES working in the water."

BONUS FOLLOW: Sanctuary star Robin Dunne recently joined the Twitterati as well at

Jewel Staite

She was shiny as Kaylee on Serenity before making the jump to Stargate Atlantis as Dr. Jennifer Keller and now spends time updating her fans on what's happening throughout her day:

"Spots most likely to get recognized include movie theaters, Blockbuster, comic and costume shops, and airplanes."

BONUS FOLLOW: Kaylee's captain Nathan "Mal" Fillion

Lexa Doig

Lexa has been on more sci-fi shows than it's easy to list, from Andromeda to Stargate SG-1, and she's also married to SG-1 star Michael Shanks. She's a down-to-earth tweeter who likes talking about her home life:

"Must go and clean out my closet - fun times on a Saturday night folks... Whew, the glamourous life of an shmactor..."

Charlie Craig

The executive producer of Eureka is a relative newcomer to Twitter and is fond of posting updates on the show, which is currently in post-production:

"Man, these VFX shots for our final episode are killing us all. A disco ball and a drone and a disappearing weather vane??!! #eureka"

Jesse Alexander

The creator of the upcoming NBC sci-fi series Day One gives some updates on the show while also reveling in his love for Dr Who:

"Going to thrift store with the kids to make Time Lord costumes. Gallifrey forever!"

Mo Tancharoen

The actress, co-writer of Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse staff writer lets us in on how she sometimes finds excuses not to write:

"whenever it's time to start writing, whenever there are looming deadlines, i find myself reorganizing my closet. hmm. place to hide perhaps?"

Eliza Dushku

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Faith and the star of Dollhouse shares insights into her off-screen life and can be educational, too:

"Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanocon... is, according to the Oxford English the longest word. Word."

Alyson Hannigan

The Buffy alum and star of How I Met Your Mother invites viewers to learn what life is like for a working actress who also happens to be a new mom:

"I should have named my baby Pillsbury. I'm pretty sure I have them to thank for the last 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight."

Lou Diamond Phillips

The actor, who was propelled to stardom when he portrayed singer Ritchie Valens in the 1987 film La Bamba, and who has joined the cast of the TV series Stargate Universe, gives out insider info on his workday and even suggests future roles:

"I finally saw' Twilight'. I think Lou Diamond Phillips should be the' Werewolf Daddy' against Michael Sheen as the vampire Daddy, Agree?"

John August

The frequent Tim Burton collaborator, who wrote the screenplays for Big Fish and Frankenweenie, lets us in on the agonies and joys of being a working screenwriter in Hollywood:

"The best part of working on three projects simultaneously is that I can be ambiguous on which movie and which director."

Andrew Stanton

The Pixar director responsible for Wall-E is now hard at work on John Carter of Mars and knows what he needs to do to keep turning out hits:

"Folks, please don't take this wrong, and I know you mean well, but understand if we made movies to order they would suck. Not an option."

Virginia Hey

The Australian actress brought the blue alien Zhaan to life on Farscape, and now that she's just moved to L.A., she takes us along with her:

"Anyone know how to find an investor? I want to launch a Virginia Hey Couture line of hi-end candles in gorgeous packaging.. Any ideas? V"

Bear McCreary's BSG Orchestra

The composer behind the music on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica gives out info on his current work and tour dates for his upcoming gigs:

"We're playing 3 nights at the House of Blues in San Diego during Comic-Con! Jul 23, 24, 25 Tickets:"

Robert J. Sawyer

This Nebula- and Hugo Award-winning science fiction writer is new to Twitter, but if we get him a few more followers, maybe we can encourage him to tweet more frequently:

"Wake is the #2 hardcover bestseller in Saskatoon -- beaten only by Dr. Seuss!"

Robert Rodriguez

The director of Sin City and Grindhouse: Planet Terror offers writing advice and gives insight into his current projects:

"Just finished day one of a Clooney commercial in Italy. He's such a blast to work with. (It's not work at all when you can laugh that much.)"

Jackie Earle Haley

The man behind the masks of Rorschach and the new Freddy Krueger is still figuring out Twitter, but so far seems to like chatting with his fans and giving updates about his many projects, including his new role as Guerrero in Human Target:

"... It was totally awesome getting to work across from Leo with Marty coming up and directing between takes. Someone pinch me. :-) J"

Jane Espenson

The co-executive producer of Battlestar Galactica and writer and producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer is currently working on Dollhouse, and offers up her theories on what makes compelling TV:

"Compelling characters have contradictions built in. House: compassionate misanthrope. Not random, but complex, makes you want to solve it."

Len Wein

The co-creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine, and the editor who oversaw DC Comics' Watchmen, shares news of his latest projects, including the upcoming TV series Human Target:

"Well, saw the Human Target pilot. It ROCKED! A loose adaptation of my first HT story from way back when. Looking forward to January."

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