Morena Baccarin reveals her fave Firefly character (It's not Inara)

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Though Joss Whedon brought much of the cast of his cult classic Firefly to San Diego Comic-Con this week, there were a few notable absences. Among them was Morena Baccarin, who played the Companion Inara in the space western. But while she was sad she missed the con, Baccarin still got the chance to weigh in on the series' 10th anniversary from afar.

"I wish I could go. I'm very jealous of everybody who's going. I'm going to try to do a little video that they can play there," Baccarin said in a pre-con interview on the series with Huffington Post. After reflecting a bit on the decade of continued fan adoration the show has received, Baccarin talked a bit about the experience of making the show itself, and spilled who her favorite character is. (Hint: It's not Inara.)

"I'd have to go with Kaylee (Jewel Staite). She was so cute and so smart and a little firecracker. I loved it when she was all greased up—when her face was all greased up with engine grease—and she goes into all of this like, engine talk and technical jargon and then, 'ooh a strawberry!' It was such a great juxtaposition, of who she was."

When asked about her favorite memory from her time as a member of the Serenity crew, Baccarin recounted a moment during the filming of Serenity the movie, when star Nathan Fillion opted to improvise a bit.

"We were doing this super hard, really grim scene and everybody's dead. They've killed everybody and he's got this long monologue where he's sort of walking through all of the craziness and telling all of us what to do and how we're going to beat this. It's really sort of a tough moment. We did a few takes and we got it and he's like 'I need one more.' And, he did it again and he just went off!--and said the most absurd things (Laughs). We were all laughing so hard and trying to keep a straight face as he went through the whole nonsensical orders. It was pretty great. It was pretty fun."

Though she's gone on to have success elsewhere on TV, first on ABC's V and then on Showtime's acclaimed series Homeland, Baccarin still remembers Firefly as something special, not just because it was her first series gig, but because of her castmates.

"It was a special experience all around. Everybody was incredible and sweet and fun. It was a real family. And I didn't know how good I had it, because it was my first time out of the gate and I didn't really realize until I had other experiences how rare that is. It was just a real family."

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