Morgan officially joins Fear the Walking Dead in new pics from Season 4

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Jan 18, 2018, 3:21 PM EST

We’ve known since late 2017 that The Walking Dead’s Lennie James was about to re-emerge, crossing over fan favorite Morgan Jones in a still-mysterious role for the upcoming season of prequel spinoff Fear the Walking Dead.

Well, it’s still just as much of a mystery how AMC plans to incorporate Jones — an early-outbreak survivor whose past dates all the way back to the original show’s pilot episode — in FTWD's spinoff arc. But at least we now all can take a peek at the network’s first official still images from Season 4, where it’s looking as though he’ll figure prominently — while still carrying his trademark fighting stick (which is interesting, considering Fear is a prequel series).






What’s Morgan Jones been doing all this time? For that matter — and more to the point of the upcoming season — what was he doing all the time before? While Jones appeared in the pilot for the original season of The Walking Dead, he vanished only to reappear in Season 3, before becoming a Walking Dead regular from Season 6 on.

Fear’s showrunners, who are avowed fans of the original series, already have said they’re stoked about the way Lennie James approaches the character. Andrew Chambliss (co-showrunner with Ian Goldberg) recently told Entertainment Weekly he was impressed with James’ commitment to the role when the two finally met for the first time, and that James is serious about taking Morgan Jones “to places we hadn’t seen before.”

While we still aren’t sure how much more AMC will reveal about Morgan Jones’ place in the past before we get a new batch of episodes, at least we don’t have to wait much longer. Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fourth season on April 15.

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