Morgan Freeman insists Rendezvous With Rama WILL get made

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

Morgan Freeman has been trying to get an adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's first-contact classic Rendezvous With Rama made for almost 20 years—with David Fincher on board to direct—and the Oscar-winner says he's closer than ever.

While doing press for his upcoming action-comedy Red, Freeman let slip that he's still very much committed to getting his longtime passion project—in which a massive spacecraft, dubbed the Rama, enters the solar system—off the ground.

Check out the complete interview below, in which he says (among other things), "That's a got-to-be-done movie. Just have to figure out how to do it."

The good news: David Fincher's still involved. The bad news: No one's managed to crack the Rama script in decades. The right-in-the-middle news: Freeman's convinced that 3-D is the only way to do it. My (and audiences') ambivalence toward 3-D seems to be established—but it'd be damned interesting to see what a director like Fincher would do with the technology.

(Via MTV)

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