Morons defend Earth from aliens in funny new trailer for The Watch

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Dec 17, 2012

Though we're mostly thinking of late July as Dark Knight Rises season this year, it's not the only sci-fi game in town next month. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade are also trying to save the world from aliens in The Watch, and we've got a new giggle-worthy trailer to remind us.

In this new promo, we get to meet each member of this local neighborhood watch squad individually, and explore why each of them has committed to volunteering to make their community safer. Stiller is Evan, that guy in the neighborhood who's always organizing new clubs. Vaughn is Bob, the fun-loving guy who wants tightly wound Evan to loosen up (so, you know, he's played by Vince Vaughn). Hill is Franklin, a wannabe cop who's just a little too high-strung. And Ayoade is Jamarcus, who wants to use the watch as a way to meet women in need of saving.

After the watch is formed, the male bonding begins in earnest, until the quartet stumble upon an alien creature in the middle of the road and find themselves in the midst of a full-scale invasion. The problem: No one else believes them.

Check out the trailer below to enjoy more alien-attacking, beer-swilling and cow-exploding fun.

The Watch opens nationwide July 27.

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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