Morris Chestnut cast in V, more casting news for Eastwick

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Dec 14, 2012

Morris Chestnut is set as a lead in ABC's sci-fi drama pilot V, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In other pilot casting news, Jon Bernthal and Johann Urb have been added to ABC's witch-themed drama pilot Eastwick.

V is a re-imagining of the original 1980s miniseries, about an invasion of aliens known as Visitors and the resistance against them. It will center on a female Homeland Security agent.

Chestnut will play the woman's boyfriend, who has a dark secret: He is a Visitor.

Eastwick follows three young witches who come into their powers. Bernthal (The Ghost) will play the unemployed husband of one of them (Jaime Ray Newman). Urb (2012) will play a local news photographer/volunteer fireman who is the object of affection of another (Lindsay Price).

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