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Mortal Engines: Enter the furnace of roving cities in this exclusive featurette

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Dec 13, 2018

Peter Jackson’s film adaptation of Philip Reeves’ Mortal Engines book series will feature some of the most stunning world building you’ve ever seen. In a future unlike any you’ve ever seen, entire cities (like London) are on the move, devouring smaller, feebler cities for precious resources. 

This concept “Municipal Darwinism” is broken down in a new featurette for the film, hosted by Jackson and cast members, Hera Hilmar (Hester Shaw), and Robert Sheehan (Tom Natsworthy).

Check out the video below:

The sci-fi film co-stars Hugo Weaving (Thaddeus Valentine), Stephen Lang (Shrike), Ronan Raftery (Bevis Pod), Patrick Malahide (Magnus Crome), and Jihae (Anna Fang). The script was penned by Jackson and his usual writing partners, Philippa Boyens, and his wife, Fran Walsh. 

Directed by longtime Peter Jackson collaborator, Christian Rivers, Mortal Engines rolls into theaters this Friday, Dec 14. 

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