The most adorable part of Guardians is finally online for all to see

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Aug 16, 2014, 10:45 PM EDT (Updated)

Guardians of the Galaxy is a massive space adventure blockbuster packed with explosions and high adventure, but it's also the kind of warm-hearted flick that just puts a smile on your face. Fans of the film (including me) have been gushing about their favorite moments -- from a Footloose reference to a Jackson Pollock joke just for the grownups in the crowd -- online ever since the film hit theaters nearly two weeks ago, but one moment seems to be reigning above them all. It's been all over Tumblr and elsewhere in GIF form for days, but we haven't had high-quality video to pass around and watch over and over again ... until now.

If you still haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy and you don't want a couple of things ruined for you, be warned that this contains SPOILERS from here on out.

So, if you've seen Guardians, and you read the words "most adorable" in the headline up there, there's a good chance you've already guessed exactly what I'm talking about: The brief scene tacked on to the very end of the film in which Groot -- reduced to a tiny stick living in a flower pot after sacrificing himself during the film's climactic battle -- enthusiastically gets his groove on to the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" as an oblivious Drax sits in the background, polishing his knives. It's a moment of pure delight for viewers who've already fallen in love with the character, and the moment when Groot freezes as Drax looks over at him got one of the biggest laughs of the entire movie at my screening.

(A bit of trivia: Director James Gunn revealed on a recent episode of the Empire Podcast that Groot's dance is actually based on the way he dances.)

The scene has gotten such an enthusiastic response from fans that some have actually begun asking Marvel to produce a toy based on it (please?!), but until today you had to go back to the theater if you wanted to relive it in all its glory. Now it's finally in a convenient online clip format, and I'm not gonna lie to you ... I've already watched it a dozen times.

Check out the clip below, and maybe go ahead and keep a link in your bookmarks for whenever you're having a particularly bad day.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in theaters now.

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