The most important part of Ghostbusters is officially coming back: Ecto Cooler!

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Apr 25, 2016, 6:55 PM EDT

If you were a child of the '80s and '90s, you probably liked everything Ghostbusters. You probably owned a P.K.E. Meter, one of those proton packs with the long styrofoam tube hanging off the end, action figures ... heck you probably even had several small canisters of slime. We all did. And, as a kid, there was one thing you pulled out of your themed lunch box to drink Monday through Friday.


I'm kidding. It's Hi-C's Ecto-Cooler! Literally the greatest drink of all time as decided by me just now.

The storied history of Ecto Cooler is kind of bizarre. There are even conspiracy theories about it, but here's the short version: To go along with Ghostbusters II and the popular cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, Hi-C obtained the license to rename their Citrus Cooler drink "Ecto Cooler." It was basically a sugary orange/tangerine-flavored concoction with green coloring. Sound delicious? Well, it was to my 9-year-old mouth, and remained a mainstay of my thirst-quenching repertoire long after The Real Ghostbusters went off the air.

And I was not alone. A lot of you remained dedicated fans of Ecto Cooler. In 1997, Slimer, who had formerly graced the drink's cover, was removed. Then, in 2001, the drink was renamed "Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen." And was renamed again in 2007 as Crazy Citrus Cooler.

But was it really the same? I mean ... Slimer isn't on the box SO HOW CAN IT BE? Hi-C has never officially confirmed that the recipe is the same, but many people insist it is.

Did I mention the conspiracy is ridiculous? It really, really is. But what matters is this -- people are thirsty for an official return of Hi-C's Ecto Cooler. After years of Ghostbusters fans brewing their own, and Coca-Cola repurchasing the trademark, we can finally confirm that, yes, Ecto Cooler is coming back.

A shrewd marketing move to play on your nostalgia? Sure. But who cares! Ecto Cooler is coming in celebration of the forthcoming Ghostbusters film on July 15. Just think of all the terrible alcoholic combinations that will inevitably pour forth. I look forward to seeing many a Brooklyn 20-something blow vaguely green chunks upon the L train platform this summer. And who you gonna call? Uber. You're probably going to call Uber.

(via The Mary Sue)