Move it, football head! We're trying to watch the new Hey Arnold! movie trailer

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The need for closure that has plagued fans of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold! for the last 13 years is not lost on the kids' network. To be honest, though, the people looking for said closure are no longer kids but full-grown adults with college degrees who have harbored a deep love for the series despite it leaving the airwaves in 2004.

"After all these years all your questions will finally be answered," proclaims the latest trailer for The Jungle Movie, the TV movie, which was supposed to close out the show way back when before being plagued by a series of troubles that caused it to wallow in development hell for quite some time. 

Check it out below:


Above all else, our main query is "What happened to Arnold's parents when they returned to San Lorenzo to help the Green-Eyed people once again when their son was still a toddler?" If you'll recall, they disappeared in the jungles of the Central American country from the 2002 episode "The Journal." In addition to the promise that we will indeed get the answer to that question, the new trailer is also an excellent exercise in nostalgia, bringing back all our favorite characters and Jim Lang's instantly recognizable theme song, which you're probably humming right now, aren't you?

We've got Arnold, Gerald, Helga (our title character's secret admirer), Phoebe, Harold, Rhonda, Olga, Eugene, Mr. Simmons, Grandpa Phil, Abner the pig, and every single other familiar face that made the animated show so memorable. No stone is left unturned, which means the production set out to cram as many details and throwbacks as possible into the finished movie ... do you hear us complaining? Nope.

A lot of the original voice cast returned for the movie, like Francesca Marie Smith as Helga, Anndi McAfee as Phoebe, and Dan Castellaneta and Tress MacNeille as Arnold's grandparents. For many of us, Grandpa Phil is Castellaneta's most famous voice role aside from Homer Simpson. Mason Vale Cotton was brought on board as the new voice of Arnold, something that shouldn't irk hardcore fans as the character was played by several people across the show's original run. Similarly, Benjamin Flores Jr. replaces Jamil Walker Smith as Gerald. 

In terms of plot, the film revolves around Arnold and his classmates traveling to San Lorenzo on a school trip. However, our eponymous hero has an ulterior motive, mainly finding out what happened to his parents. Based on the trailer, we'll be treated to an Indiana Jones-esque adventure full of riverboats and ancient temples in the jungle as he tries to solve the mystery. The main villain is the relic-thieving La Sombra, voiced by Alfred Molina, who will add that extra bit of Indy to The Jungle Movie.

Oh, and Helga will profess her burning love for him yet again, meaning the two might finally get together after all these years. 


Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie drops November 21 on Nickelodeon and looks to be everything fans could have hoped for. Something tells us that even Stoop Kid would leave his stoop to watch it.