Unseen "Muck Monster" might become Florida's Loch Ness

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

A mysterious ripple in the waters near West Palm Beach has been given a name—the "Muck Monster"—and attracted so much attention that the Palm Beach County Visitors and Convention Bureau says it has received 4 million Web site hits since the incident was first reported.

City commissioners are hoping that where monsters lead, tourists will follow, so they're meeting today to discuss whether to put telescopes and feeding pellets on a Lake Worth Lagoon dock so visitors can watch and feed the supposed creature.

The thing is—no one has actually seen the Muck Monster yet, as whatever is causing the wake has never breached the surface. We've examined the YouTube video that started it all (check it out below), and think it would take several margaritas before the wake would start to look anything like a monster to us.

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